I find that, since reading McCarthy’s essay, I look at people a bit differently. Put simply: Everyone looks a good bit more piggy than they used to. It’s a disturbing, yet somehow oddly satisfying feeling . Looking at the world through the eyes of the primate-pig origin theory, I feel almost as if the piggish nature of human beings was really obvious to me all along, at the gut level, but just not something I explicitly acknowledged … due to the lack of scientific back-up, which Dr. McCarthy has now graciously provided.

Try it for yourself. Read McCarthy’s list of human-pig parallels — then do some people-watching, perhaps in a crowded buffet or bar, or the nosebleed seats in the stadium at a sporting event. Peruse various photos online, of your fellow homo sapiens, particularly when engaged in acts of consumption or states of strong emotion. Yes, there’s a lot of monkey there – no one rational could doubt that — but don’t you see a fair bit of pig as well?